Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McCain Does Not Want To Be The Next President

After watching the second debate last Tuesday night, I am convinced McCain does not want to be president. He clearly is not taking this election seriously and lacks the passion to connect with the voter during this critical economic crisis we are facing. He is afarid to take off the gloves and tell everyone the cold hard truth. Instead, he sticks with the talking points and fears being called a racist if he questions Obama's past.
We need a president who is not afraid to tell people like it is and who Obama really is. He (Obama) is a socialist. This is not an exaggeration or name calling. It is fact. If people were to honestly look at his record and his past associations, this is the only conclusion a sensible rational person could make. A socialist or radical wants dramatic fundamental change. This is what he has been advocating throughout the election. He has associated himself with Bill Ayers, a known and self admitted terrorist who declared war on our government and capitalist system during the 1960s in a radical group called the Weathermen. To this day Ayers still does not feel remorse or regret for his actions bombing public buildings and homes of bankers. Obama has worked closely with Ayers to kick start his political career as a street activist in the so-called mainstream of Chicago politics.
His close ties with Ayers provided Obama the opportunity to fund ACORN (Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now), the largest radical left wing political organization in the country. Obama acted as a lawyer and trainer for this group who use extreme tactics created by radical Saul Alinsky to apply pressure to government and economic institutions to force them to bend to their will or be labeled as racists or oppressors of the poor. This is Obama's past. It is part of his resume. Is he not proud of his achievements or not? Or is he ashamed of it? McCain needs to let the people know who they are going to have as their next president!!!! If Obama wins, and I'm confident he has the support among most voters as this moment, he will change this country in a way that will probably never be the same again. With the stupid decision to bailout Wall Street by throwing $700 billion of borrowed good money after bad, most of our banking system is now owned by the government. It's exactly what Obama has dreamed of. Our Democrat controlled Congress under Nancy Pelosi has doen all of the work for our new Chairman Obama. Is this an extreme view? Well, just what defines a socialist economy? It's the means of production owned by the state (government). The government now owns and controls the ability to get a loan for business or to purchase a home. They will be calling the shots, not the private sector. The idiots who voted tis bailout bill into law should be removed from office. Their actions will have a negative impact on us economically for years, possibly for decades to come. The stock market has lost about $ 2 trillion dollars in value so far and counting. The Federal Reserve is now dumping printed money into the economy which will further devalue the already weak American dollar here and abroad.
We are repeating the same mistake the Hoove Adminstration made. They tried to stop the downfall by throwing money at it and raising taxes and traiffs, and it only made things worse. America followed this with FDR who raised taxes and spent hueg amounts of money creating a social program for every woe in society. Obama will be our FDR, only worse. He is a true radical, not like FDR who came from the upper class Roosevelt family that understood and had some (although not much) appreciation for the capitalist system. The New Deal programs and social spending are entrenched in our economy today. Johnson increased it even more, and modern day liberals have made thousands of Americans dependent on government programs today. Obama will turn intervention into a huge business for the Federal Government. More average Americans will be forced to rely on government for basic necessities after the system collapses under the burden of expensive social programs paid for by credit we will never be able to pay back after we move closer and closer toward real socialism. Obama, like FDR, will tax the upper classes into poverty or make it unattractive to do business of any kind. They will either hide their wealth outside the economy or move their businesses to countries that have less regulations and taxes.
McCain is afraid of being criticized for questioning Obama's past thinking it is counterproductive. Americans desreve the truth about Obama. And if we can endure this economic crisis, then I think McCain can endure a little criticism from the left wing media who we all know supports Obama anyway. If Americans are going to vote for a socialist as our next president, they need to know. And if we do vote Obama into office knowing who and what he is, then we deserve what we get!!!!

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Drew D. said...

Absolutely right Ricky, Mccain was less than impressive in the second debate. Everything I wanted him to say, he didn't. Every time I thought I was going to see some passion, I didn't. Everytime Obama threw out a meatball, Mccain would let it float over the plate. Just TODAY he FINALLY showed some balls. At the beckoning of a agitated audience member at the Wisconsin rally he actually named names (Barney Frank, Chris Dodd) and even mentioned ACORN.

To little to late in my opinion. He has spent too much time harping on this "middle of the road," "reach across the aisle" BS. And far to little time focusing on what could have won him the election. Which is simply DISTINGUISHING himself from Obama. Make it clear to the American people the differences rather than saying you "work with Dems." If people believe there is no difference they will go with the smooth talker. Hitler was a smooth talker at first too.

I totally agree with you, call it for what it is. These people are Socialists and Obama is their Pied Piper. The "change" they want is to abolish Capitalism and implement France. But Mccain is the one that needs to say (needs to YELL) what you and I and millions of others have already been screaming for months. My theory is he won't, and that's why we will get Lord Obama. Get ready for a scary four years ( if we make it that far.) Your right, we deserve what the retarded brainwashed kool aid drinking American people have voted for. Take care.